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Strengthen group consciousness, pay attention to plane to communicate
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Speak of cooperative sex, we must speak of the communication mode between company departmental door. Yu Shiwei differentiates communication mode it is two kinds, one kind is halt model, additionally one kind is fluctuant model. Each sectional lack in halt communication mode are transverse communicate, devoid level is communicated, this kind of mode emphasizes be being communicated up more, namely up one class feedbacks, feedbacked to also be saved up repeatedly even sometimes, flat do not communicate, formed the fault between branch and branch so, the does not buy financial department Zhang of manpower resource ministry, the not likely of financial department pays attention to stock branch, stock branch not likely listens to those who produce a section, manufacturing branch more ignore project division. Fault is among so whole organization, derive with respect to essentials easily will attend a meeting harmonious, the enterprise lost competition ability accordingly, in the market economy with intense competition, it is very difficult in the market stop. Fluctuant model communication mode is to point to adjust as the environment ceaselessly. If have ABCDE5 branch, have 1234 4 projects, 5 branches level communicates project 1ABCDE, 3 branches level communicates project 2CDE, 3 branches level communicates project 3BCE, 4 branches level communicates project 4BCDE. And lead as on one class, he just is done decision-making, allocate resource, what real need communicates is each branches below, do not need everything to want to look for ranking leader to attend a meeting, harmonious communicate.

The everybody that be present, or is the controller of one class department of firm, or is the person of the first responsibility of company profit center, cost center, so we should act what kind of part in group construction after all, what kind of action to reach since? How is Yu Shiwei told in light of us, yu Shiwei says, as the leader wants to put your work in 4 things above. The first, those who ponder over you is decision-making, locate namely, want to find the coordinate of oneself and whole organization; The 2nd, plan your job, should distinguish importance namely, early or late ordinal, make clear constituent target and the way that achieve a goal; The 3rd, had taught employee, become employee education namely and are group consciousness and group mind like oneself, be good at thinking, be good at collaboration, take charge of a department alone. The 4th, the standard that has made oneself is communicated, go up somewhat good, need below very, ourselves is the first accomplished, the person below can be done weller than us only! Education group spirit asks we foster cooperative consciousness, assistance from each each thing, detail namely consciousness, level coordinates consciousness and win-win consciousness. So, the anguish that is not hypothesis is pained, but should struggle for the hope of hypothesis.

About how be being done good plane is communicated raise a bit proposal here, consult for everybody. The first, discover the virtue of the other side, appreciation the other side. The 2nd, do not want criticism, blame or be to complain, the settlement of calm, consider sth as it stands problem. The 3rd, listening attentively to is best understanding channel. The 4th, admit one's mistake excel unjustifiable plead. The 5th, the footing that stands in other considers an issue. The 6th, spread out self-criticism first. The 7th, respect the desire of the other side. The 8th, give the other side an affirmation, quantified answer.
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