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Strengthen group consciousness, pay attention to plane to communicate
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For inheritance company's good convention, we today " strengthen group consciousness " and " education group spirit " two respects spread out will be told.

China has a common saying: "A bonze carries water to eat, two bonze carry water eats, 3 bonze do not have water to eat " . But such the Englishman telling: "One individual deal, two people open a bank, 3 people make colony " . In old idea, it is a center with the post, differentiate with functionary function branch, become independent each other between departmental door, lack transverse connection, new now idea is how to join the fault between branch and branch rise. A lot of companies often Wen Shan is met the sea, send a document every day, attend a meeting every day harmonious, if cooperate each other good, what fault joins is good, do not need so frequent attend a meeting. This is the expression that lacks group consciousness. So, how to just calculate have a group? Group, group is called in English; Group, team is called in English, group and group are different. The group lacks cohesive affinity, do not have high fighting capacity, and the group is to have core, have the organization of cohesive affinity and fighting capacity. As a controller, the team calculates the employee that measures his to not be a preeminent group, be about to see them can satisfy below 3 conditions:

The first, autonomy. If a leader is not in a company, also did not take a mobile phone, but employee can work independently, run normally, not need meets the thing hits mobile phone ask for instructions to the leader, this is a group that has autonomy. Such OK saying, the time that employee seeks a guidance is more, the autonomy that makes clear employee is poorer. The controller of the company should think more, the employee of the company has offerred what means, had expressed what opinion, employee is participated in decision-making more, the group autonomy of the company is stronger.

The 2nd, think model. A such common phenomena exist in a lot of enterprises, lead opinion of make known to lower levels namely, the leader is made decision-making, lead move ideas, employee the director that according to leads works. This is a group that did not ponder over a gender. The leader is done for a long time decision-making, the reflection of easy oversight employee quality, raise the laziness that becomes employee.

The 3rd, cooperative sex. Employee not only should be willing to think, be willing to work independently, and should be good at cooperating with the person all round, cooperative sex is very so important. The cooperative sex of Japanese and American is very strong. Such appearance in having this book cross a Chinese, "Single person resembles a coordinated process, and close together to resemble one cestode however " , such saying too acerbic perhaps, have break biased, but this is the impression that the Chinese once left others. This also is our weakness, so, the controller of Chinese enterprise should take the cooperative sex of the group seriously adequately more.
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