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The N of the enterprise is planted vivid law
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 Of the enterprise live state, interview 100 entrepreneur, estimation can get 100 different results. But, from these: Pass those who pass is pretty good, general, in the returns the travel, insecurity that pass to wait a moment talk that pass, the problem that manages itself feeling is actually at most around the enterprise namely just is core problem. A word, how to handle the issue that sell and manages namely.

Sale and management regard an enterprise as two when survive essential elements, both relation is each other to promote relevant those who restrict, the enterprise treats both different attitude, make the real market of the enterprise survives posture appeared to behave disparately:

1, heavy sale, light managing

The enterprise of this configuration is represented very well even if our country's current small and medium sized business, private enterprise. The special period that they develop decided its want to be a purpose with the frequent promotion of sales volume necessarily, the resources of the enterprise often goes to some of course of study cut very accurate. Industry employer often does not have taller record of formal schooling, but the courage and insight that has a plenty of agile brains He Chaojiang, do not need to prove the feasibility problem that the company develops, want to dare work only, plunge into directly go down to be able to obtain good gains.

At the beginning of this kind of company is growing, the characteristic that often depends on small fast spirit promoted sales volume quickly, obtained the development of advance rapidly, become industry parvenu and even tycoon. But, because emphasize overly in business development process selling the dominant action to the company, and the tremendous and direct action that ignored company general management, the enterprise can enter a bottleneck after passing brief flying development. This basically is the industry that is brought about industry competition pressure and country by the element such as macroscopical adjusting control survives environmental change. Be in when this kind of enterprise when ignore interior government for oneself and buying sheet, those who lose is ongoing direction and motivation, get finally " each are gotten coquettish 35 years " .

2, two tactics of sale, government is caught

Of course, also have a kind of such companies: From the company was established at the beginning of holding water short-term, metaphase and long-dated development compendium, complementary with system of perfect business management of enterprise, in the daily management process that is in an enterprise ceaseless and reparative, form the culture that has distinguishing feature extremely for enterprise itself finally, become thereby later the example of enterprise follow the lead of. For instance sea Er, be just as China for.
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