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Li Jiacheng does poineering work nine point of management
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Li Jiacheng does poineering work nine point of management
Li Jiacheng is the succeed person that do poineering work undoubtedly, he is in the job, establish the result that left nine management field, be worth to we learn and consult very much.
(1) assiduous the foundation that is all careers. Should diligent force works, responsible to the enterprise, responsible to partner.
(2) want to oneself economical, want generosity to other. Handle all things to be jumping-off place with other interest.
(3) maintain innovation consciousness from beginning to end, the eye that uses oneself looks attentively at the world, and do not drift with the tide.
(4) stand fast promise, build good reputation, it is the indispensable premise condition that moves toward a success.
(5) decision-making an any things when, should widen mind, take the whole situation into account, but once decision-making later, want honor permits no turning back, implement a decision from beginning to end.
(6) should trust subordinate. All company administrator, everybody has its news source and market data. Decide an any major issues, muster collect concerns personnel to study together, the information of confluent each one, thereby draw on the wisdom of the masses, reduce the chance that make mistake as far as possible.
(7) establishs efficient model to subordinate. Before concentration discusses specific issue, should beforehand early a few days of announcements prepare a data about personnel, so that be cut when answer,become truly, improve work efficiency thereby.
(8) of policy carry out want composed cautious. The foundation with good the next is laid in enterprise interior, pay attention to the ability of meet an emergency that develops business management personnel. Before deciding an issue, should have thought way of one shear strain, and do not go taking a risk absurd is entered.
(9) the hope that should realize subordinate. Besides the life, should offer employee good prospect, and, everything is attached most importance to with the interest of employee, special to aged employee, the company should give absolutely safeguard, make employee has attributive feeling to the group thereby, in order to enhance the cohesive affinity of the enterprise.

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