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How to undertake position is evaluated?
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Position is evaluated is difficulty of the operation in manpower resource management bigger, at the same time a very main base works. Because position is evaluated,represented an enterprise to be opposite of labor value measure a level, in executive Shi Yingfei so Chang Shen is weighed. If choose abroad's mature position to evaluate a system, executive effect, authority, versatility is better, but expenses is larger, to the company of a hundreds of people, fei Jiapei example expends copyright and assess fee, be about to spend on several dollars even tens of 10 thousand dollars, average company stands hard. If standard of set position evaluation mixes him enterprise,evaluate method, the meeting is handier and managing, but authority can be challenged.

The author's proposal is, if enterprise scale is larger and economic actual strength is better, answer to choose the evaluation system of well-known advisory company as far as possible. For example, the major famous foreign enterprise of Beijing used the evaluation system of the advisory company such as CRG. Or, the assessment of use abroad of preexistence company headquarters system, use in each branch promotion next, such functional price is compared the most economical.

No matter choose why to be planted means, the course is evaluated in executive position in, want to build a position to assess commission, the purpose is to understand position of position content, examine and verify to evaluate program in the round, carry out evaluate, be in charge of explaining to employee. The member of committee represents each function fields, personage of major of resource of the personnel of main management layer that includes a company, manpower, outside hire adviser to wait, with assuring assessment objective and just sex.

The position that keeps scientific and accurate evaluates a result, consistency must be accomplished on evaluation standard, who is the object that evaluates without giving thought to namely, who is participating in pricer, cannot intended " deflection " ; Everything presses standard act, is not to have a result first, seek testimony again; In the meantime, the working content that evaluates a committee member to want pair of position is adepter.

Position is evaluated is not invariable. When the company feels in-house firewood fulfil allocates unbalance, or it is the rapid development that passes a paragraph of period and new job generation later, or it is to be in after experiencing large-scale job function to recombine, or it is to be in when post duty produces larger area to adjust, should undertake position is evaluated. In the meantime, the company should notice modification antiquated evaluates a mechanism.

The comment that of late a few is evaluate about position thinks, the change of the enterprise is sharper and sharper, internal constituent composition, position forms very difficult solidify, so position is evaluated malapropos, should evaluate method to replace it with other value, the method paying reward that is a foundation with skill for instance (Skill - Based Pay) , the method paying reward that is a foundation with ability (Competencies - Based Pay) , or the method paying reward that is a foundation with performance (Performance - Based Pay) wait. But from the point of practice, at present the commonnest firewood proposes a toast the form remains structural wages to make, position salary also remains among them main component, the company with advanced much still collects position of in order to to evaluate the method that give priority to to determine position pay. The author thinks, the allocation that system of system of staff capacity evaluation, outstanding achievement evaluation proposes a toast to firewood indeed very important, but position assesses the value that still it exists. In design of firewood reward system, position is evaluated evaluate with skill, performance evaluates effectively union to use, can obtain optimal result.
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