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How to undertake position is evaluated?
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What element grading law uses is the idea that has quantifying making component to evaluating an element, have a variety of is out of shape. Because its operation is more complex, here makes main move a little bit Baconian introducing only: -- above all, need does good foundation work, do good position analysis for instance, compose position manual, undertake classified to position at the same time (differentiate duty a group of things with common features) , for instance cent becomes sale position, administration position, production position to wait.

Next, need chooses and careful definition affects the common element of position value, pay fulfil the element namely (Compensable Factors) , size of this position influence to the enterprise, duty, work is for instance hard degree (the complexity that includes to solve a problem, creativity) , to holding a post the person's requirement (include professional technology requirement, capacity demand, physiology to ask to wait) , working requirement, work is full degree. Be in domestic company especially in the post evaluation of state-owned company, element of commonly used 4 big evaluations is requirement of intensity of technical ability of demand of post responsibility, post, labor, work. In the foreign enterprise, those who use is the mode of the advisory company such as CRG, HAY, Watson Wyatt more, main lay particular stress on is spent at decision-making freedom, the importance of the consequence of final result, responsibility, communication skill, hold a post qualification, settle the problem difficulty, factor such as working requirement.

How to undertake position is evaluated? (2)

The 3rd, to every element paying reward gifts different mark (the dot is worth) , fractional size inspects this element to be decided in the value that holds in all element paying reward, in other words, the weight of every element is different. Next, undertake classificationing to each element (for instance cent becomes 5 archives) , give out the mark of correspondence of every archives place. Of course, give the definition that issues put oneself in another's position even to every grade. Attention, grade of each photograph adjacent must be clear but of differentiate.

The 4th, according to afore-mentioned definitions, decide every position is in each element go up notch; Next, notch each collect, reach the total cent of every position; Finally, according to certain level putting in class 's charge (for instance every 25 split phase need one level) , reach the specific grade of each position.

The advantage with element grading the oldest law reflects the fair sex in it and accuracy. Of course, its weakness is apparent also, carry out namely complex, cycle is long, the time that place bad news uses, fee is very big.
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