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How to undertake position is evaluated?
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What we speak of no less than in the article before, position evaluates the issue of in-house and fair sex that those who solve is firewood fulfil, it makes employee believes, the value of every position mirrorred his the contribution to the company. And the problem of exterior and fair sex that what firewood proposes a toast investigation is solved is firewood fulfil, namely relative to the similar post at other company, whether does the firewood fulfil of the company have exterior competition ability.

3. The frame of reference that employee decides professional development and rising way -- when employee crosses a branch to flow in enterprise interior or promoting to a high office, also need reference each position grade. The position of vitrification evaluates a standard, what is the value standard of business of facilitating employee understanding, how should employee try hard to just can acquire higher position.

Position evaluates the most commonly used method to have two kinds: Sort law (Ranking Method) with element grading law (Point Method) .

Law of sort law sort is more traditional method, it lists above all all position inside the enterprise, next according to similar height the means of sort of stand in line, do importance to compare to these position, arrange the opposite seat that gives each position finally. The advantage of this kind of method is an operation simple, execute easily, the time that bad news uses and resource are less. Because this kind of method is a basis of position " overall condition " is not according to the evaluation element of a series of fractionize sort, so position manual is in sort law and unlike is indispensable in that way in other method.

But the malpractice of this kind of method is apparent also, it is too subjective, not accurate, lack conviction, and, it can reach only position discretion is ordinal, judge position of two photographs adjacent hard however between the size of real difference. Normally, this kind of method applies to the company with lesser dimensions, because they cost more time and expenditure feebly,go developing or use more complex but relatively accurate system.

Element grading law applies the the most extensive, most accurate, most complex position to evaluate a method at present is element grading law, say element plan nods the law, law that nod a value to wait again. Company of the world's most well-known manpower resource adviser is like HAY, CRG (hind incorporate with Williamm Mercer) , Watson Wyatt, it is to use this kind of method. Be in the United States, the company that has 70 % of 60 % ~ uses this method. Our country government from 90 time begin first, advocate post skill salary to make energetically in state-owned company, the method that covers affirmatory post social estate suitably to it -- post evaluation, also be to belong to element grading law.
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