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How to undertake position is evaluated?
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In an enterprise, people often needs to determine the value of a position, perhaps want to know a financial manager and photograph of a selling manager are compared, after all who is big to the valence watch of the enterprise, who should win better pay. So, how to determine a certain position after all the position in the enterprise? How does value undertake measuring comparative to the contribution between different position? This undertakes with respect to need position is evaluated.
Position is evaluated (Job Evaluation, or call post evaluation, post to evaluate) the assessment technique that is value of a kind of position. It is describe in position (Job Description) on the foundation, the character that has to position itself place (position is for instance right limits of the influence of the enterprise, duty, hold a post condition, ambient conditions) undertake evaluating, in order to decide position is relative the process of value. Very apparent, its evaluation object is position, the person that and rather than holds a post, this is everybody what say normally " wrong to hillock person " principle. And, what it mirrors is relative value only, the implicit value that is not position (the implicit value of position is cannot measure) .
The specific action that position evaluates has the following: -- 1. The method of firm position level -- position grade often is regarded as to differentiate by the enterprise the basis that political power of standard of wage scale, welfare, pay bussiness trip, travel is restricted to wait, be regarded as basis of in-house equity distributive even, and the optimal method that position is evaluated is firm position grade.

Some enterprises rely on position honor appellation to differentiate merely position grade, is not basis position evaluate, such having break accurate with fairness. E.g. , in some enterprise interior, although financial manager and selling manager are a manager, but their value inside the enterprise is not same, position grade behoove is so different. Manage together, between different company, although have financial manager this position, but as a result of enterprise dimensions the specific work duty of different, this position is mixed the requirement is endless and identical, position level is so different, pay nature is different also.

2. Foundation of firewood fulfil distributive -- in salary structure, a lot of companies have position salary this project. In evaluate through position reach after position grade, facilitate define the difference of position salary. Of course, this process still needs firewood to propose a toast investigation data makes reference. The position of internationalization evaluates a system (like HAY system, CRG system) , because use, is unified position evaluates a standard, make differ between the company, decide in position grade the respect is had between different position can compare a gender, also use the position social estate of uniform standard when firewood fulfil is investigated, the analysis of data of the fulfil that it is firewood was offerred quite convenient.
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