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Manage efficiency: Accredit management
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Dial enough time to pay close attention to an enterprise everyday the plan of long-term sex, employee of drive of use accredit government, build self-confidence, ease pressure. Jackie Welch has a classical famous remark: Ang Nai cheats deceive of coal of Nai of Zhuo fade gun! Artful encouraging arsine drives moisture in the soil of  of Liang of home of injury of Huan of ┎ of Mei Hang of Xi of  of abundant of search of the  that shut  prize of ⒎ of Meng Yan of Nai of sweat of remnant of  of Huan of octogenarian  the sliding weight of a steelyard gets Bei Fei to vast mire  of wholesale of Yong cap locust makes fun of   to make Hu of Qi of provide for of Fei Hui  .

Origin: Big pool reachs leak

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