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Manage efficiency: Accredit management
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The person that serve as business management should pay close attention to the large issue in the company of course of course, businesslike CEO knows the detail in the important matter, need not of take care of everything oneself, but he can say unashamedly: "In a lot of things of company happening, what I do not know is very few " . This is about to reflect: The administrative efficiency of 1000%----Accredit management.

Formulate the longing of the company and strategy when controller, and the hope changes it into short-term goal and long-term guidance, be in with employee people when communication, employee people the think of a way that can understand CEO comes from where, to them period what is making, employee can become the wing of the enterprise, go self-consciously finishing plan and solve a problem, because of CEO people loosened the control that gives employee, granted proper authorization, employee felt the accredit to them, they can not lose place to look.

When accredit, controller should emphasize the key of every job be in, working project should accord with the desire that be mixed by the authorized person's ability as far as possible, can in advance gives employee people the work that a few risks complete smally, easily, establish confidence in order to let them; Offerring clear guidance is very be necessary, accessary introducing data of a few setting, CEO people go all lengths help the barrier in be being finished by project of authorized person cleanup, in order to ensure the project is successful.

Anyhow, all strategy, all management, all program, all system, all decision and all effort must be end service, no matter be metaphase target or ultimate goal.

Believe stuff people, this conduces to their accredit CEO, because get incentive, and ebullient, inspiration bursts forth, by on send the accredit below to be engrafted slowly, ordinal downward, layer upon layer analogize, the responsibility that shares a project till each comes down clearly. In the meantime, want to make employee special know: They are not isolated, do not have more get desolate, mix regularly undertake nonskedly working checking mixing summing up, establish formula of stand at attention evaluate a system, make measured level, management by objectives and examination focal point. When accredit, controller people should make a plan for the mistake that appears possibly, permit employee people failure, let they learn in failure and grow.

When accredit gives employee, CEO people should urge employee, maintain a kind of close relationship, help them solve a problem, follow schedule, do not exceed a budget to wait. "Because I trust my employee, so my without striking a blowing can accredit employee people handle affairs, they can tell me opinion of a few amendatories. . . " presiding CEO says one big company of American so; "When accredit employee goes finishing a job, you want to give him the right and responsibility along with all the others. " the president of 3M company says.
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