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Manage efficiency: Accredit management
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In modern business management, CEO people 3 when should do main jobs are: Accredit, make a plan ahead of schedule with person communication and the mistake that appear for the likelihood; Competing intense with each passing day today, had applied " accredit " this door government science and art, calm the earth's surface changes to everything, sample what what accredit management brings is easy with satisfied.

Accredit differs to counterpoise at putting.

CEO people cannot make him sink industry particular in the detail in project start course, surmount as far as possible common cat-and-dog, pay close attention to the longing to future and ambitious plan; Run quickly to the target through accredit leads a group effectively. CEO beside / at hand should deploy a COO (operation official / sectional manager) , they are in charge of accredit " right now here " specific work, this is working division of labor and their duty.

Him CEO thinks with staff regular meeting CEO is capable to run all things erroneously, but the fact is not such, more, more specific ability masters in employee and client hand. A CEO says: Become us to will plan man-hour of the member that material sends soundlessly sometimes, feel happy the ground is, the employee that producing a gleam of people as a result of argute, and did not comply with blindly, they are made slightly after adjusting, finished the job satisfactorily, exceeded our expectation value greatly. Proper authorization, employee thinks this is an accredit to oneself.

Accredit management (Empowerment) since from 20 centuries 90 time are born, as a kind of concept that contemporary managing, this kind of management thinks of the consistent affirmation of conceivable administrator and workers, the stuff of a gleam of that gets authorization can be below the condition that violates without superior, make and implement major decision; The company that accredit type runs can foster group collaboration spirit and trustful environment, also make the CEO of the enterprise was reduced at the same time decision-making with executive pressure. Effective accredit is a fundamental administrative skill.

AES company is company of a of the United States global power, accredit management inside the company huge rate had in running apply. It has authorization carrying out as a the enterprise is decision-making serious content, also become the biggest beneficiary of accredit government practice at the same time. Company president collect Jay Sangte and presiding apparitor Dennis Buck thinks, accredit manages and do not mean company leader to put power to the enterprise, so everybody has the right to do his to consider the business that do. After the operation system that builds an organization in the enterprise, accredit means employee to want to assume more responsibility than be in the company of the tradition, and to CEO people for, the biggest challenge that face is: How of constant hold to accredit and do not put power. Accredit is one of main tasks of enterprise CEO. In accredit management, should hold " grant them adequately the power that subordinate achieves their duty place to need, but the influence that concern company life and death lives or die criterion must clench " big principle.
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