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Manpower resource manages " new 3 appearance "
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Go up century the later period in 90 time, "Manpower resource manages " enter China. Drop foreign capital business no matter, chinese company also manages manpower resource actively Fu Zhu to carry out, to the tradition at the same time human affairs management is carried out transform and upgrade. In nearly 20 years of time, the key content that resource of Chinese company labor power manages, it is fulfil of post, performance, firewood, have person for " 3P " , we say for " old 3 appearance " . "Old 3 appearance " mission, to the state-owend enterprise, it is to fulfil " 3 systems " (labor / human affairs / allocate) reform, implementation " personnel can be entered can go out, can fall on hillock potential energy, wages can rise can fall " ; And to civilian look forward to, it is to build effective manpower resource to manage a mechanism, among them most of core, be it is a foundation with post, it is the oriented, incentive mechanism that gives priority to body with firewood fulfil with performance.

As " old 3 appearance " deepen and refine, chinese enterprise " manpower resource manages " enter the most pleasant stage gradually. Face the new trend that socioeconomy develops, of Chinese enterprise " does manpower resource manage " what course to follow? Will its key content have why to change? According to current observation and analysis, in future 5 - in 10 years, development of power of constituent give somebody a new lease on life, leader, lasting effect is incentive, may become Chinese company " manpower resource manages " " new 3 appearance " .

"New 3 appearance " basic hypothesis is, chinese company will get lost stage by stage " person of market globalization, management internationalization, management is changed originally " . Face market globalization, chinese enterprise wants already base oneself upon and make real native land market, study even and satisfy the requirement of global client; Face management internationalization, chinese enterprise should be accumulated already and sum up the experience that home manages, also want the challenge that foreknow and should manage to internationalization; Face administrative person to be changed originally, chinese enterprise should be built already and promote main labor power resource management system, should be explored more and carry out " factitious this " the organization develops a mechanism. For this, chinese enterprise needs pair of manpower resource management to have a structure the gender is adjusted and strategical transition. To organizing give somebody a new lease on life, leader force is developed and grow the attention of effect drive, will surmount the attention that proposes a toast to post, performance, firewood.

Constituent give somebody a new lease on life, unlike normally constituent structure, branch and post setting, however the enterprise is in annex, recombine, change make, appear on the market, the opportunity such as internationalization, what carry out effective, systematic organization changes. The content that organizes give somebody a new lease on life includes but not be confined to: Mechanism of framework of the clear career concept, organization that weigh model, innovation government, adjust backbone team to wait. Bank of China, China builds the domestic commercial bank such as the bank, in recombine the action that there all is constituent give somebody a new lease on life before appearing on the market. Civilian battalion company expands certain scope, from personification palm accuses to promote systematism operation, often also accompany those who organize give somebody a new lease on life to lift. "Hua Weiji this law " those who reach mechanism of form a complete set roll out, it is constituent give somebody a new lease on life essentially. While one of lessons of TCL internationalization depend on be being bought in business namely, did not make corresponding constituent give somebody a new lease on life; Perhaps say, below the premise that did not carry out constituent give somebody a new lease on life, rushed the capital fund that undertakes national boundaries crosses culture crossing is bought. Conclude not hard, associate the labour pains that the group is supporting to organize give somebody a new lease on life at present, commendable is to associate have stronger culture and more preeminent group. Organize the primary purpose of give somebody a new lease on life, in the change that will get used to market environment at changing through the organization. Specific the specific situation that reachs an industry, the plan nature that organizes give somebody a new lease on life is individuation.
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