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3 kinds of method that look forward to of short for Zhejiang Province innovates
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Force the mechanism ever was the one's trump card of Zhejiang creation history, company transition upgrades to use this weapon even. Below new condition, the innovation of Zhejiang enterprise can be 3 kinds of ways, two legs are hand-in-hand.

3 kinds of ways: Advance gradually, breakthrough and overturn quality. Walking on two legs: It is to hold to own innovation, begin own technology research and development, own the intellectual property that belongs to oneself, take the route of own innovation. 2 it is to accelerate transition to upgrade. To Zhejiang enterprise, this are very very important, pressing.

Traditional industry must be increased absorb, digestive advanced technique, again promotion, innovation, with industry of this activation convention, make Zhejiang economy from compare an advantage to transform to competitive advantage, innovation advantage, through science and technology progress and technology innovate, promote the market of industry, product competition ability.

Japan is the economy on the world most one of countries that develop, but how much don't its achieve sexual innovation formerly and have, many innovation is the improvement to already having a product, turn innovation of a technology into big country by copy big country thereby.

2000, bao Jie begins his " exterior innovation " when, the originality that has 20% about, product and technology come from completely exterior, this one scale already rose 2004 about 35% . The scale with treasure clean ultimate hope can be achieved 50% .

Survey shows, peaceful Boyageer (10.57, 0.3, 2.92% , ) , the enterprise such as fir fir adopts transfer of technology, increase capacity of own research and development, profit had tens of growth of times. Auspicious and own development goes China commercializes the first times 4 block automatic gear-box, every cost is 3000 yuan only, and international market price is every 13 thousand yuan. This is the charm of innovation.

Outside developing way except above, the enterprise still can be run in capital in development lending strength, pass annex, buy and, collaboration of form a complete set, enlarge industrial dimensions and competitive advantage. Universal creates American company from 1994 up to now, already 8 countries had overseas 19 abroad companies, sale network covers 60 countries and area, its product is the form a complete set of famous Motor Corporation such as general, Ford. Such, universal optimizes configuration international resource, make China push to global market, implementation " Chinese product sells an United States the price " .

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