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Duty field 80 hind new personality Xiu Lian 5 bid farewell
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The duty field new personality of 80 time was gifted " the title of problem young person " , get used to ability initiative of poor, lack, without sense of responsibility, blend in strong unspeakable of group, proper pride to scold hard must not the problem of such, resemble an aureola like firmly surrounds on the head of on-the-job field new personality, make the does not go trouble of brandish and shadow.

Believe a the world
Since ancient times " have both ability and moral integrity " person just by person homage, why " heart " put in " just " before, is not " talented and lofty " , visible " heart " be taken seriously more. "Heart " the quality that reflects a person, among them sincere letter is talent of take sb on the staff of not little company more first standard, make clear when some companies invite applications for a job even express " ability comes without heart Mo Jin " , accordingly, the character of sincere letter is more mainer than real skill.
To duty field new personality, the academic knowledge that learns in the school cannot replace practice work experience forever, just walked out of a school gate the professional knowledge that you want to use your acquires a company favour is almost unlikely. The reason that the enterprise casts an olive to you is pair of your character and cultural affirmation only, just be your knowledge and major next.

Modesty is begged ask
Indulge in self-admiration, be conceited and contemptuous can let him lose the chance of a lot of study only, lie as duty field new hand in a new environment, no matter you once won how many scholarship, no matter you once had how old ability, from what walk out of a school gate that begins momently, everything wants from 0 begin, act on modesty to beg asking manner " work more little speech " surefooted. Just had a job it is meddlesome that you have idea to originality has ambition, make a showy display of one's abilities of avoid by all means, act on one's own. "More haste,less speed " want those who obtain others to approbate, working outstanding achievement just is the strongest proof.

Communication cooperation
The person with communication strong capability, where to walk along won't Gu shadow is followed row; Be good at the person of communication, where to walk along won't alone, novice of communication cooperation conduce blends in a group more quickly. Want to get others is respected, must respect others above all; Want to let a colleague be close to you, should be close to amicably actively above all beside colleague, enquire and consult a problem the attitude is actively, total meeting gets the response with likewise affable the other side, make both sides is familiar with more friendlily more quickly rise, be helpful for oneself not only grow, also be helpful for the job communicating chime to make.
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