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"The person of what record of formal schooling " suit to make a sale
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And they also have efficiency model at the same time, for instance: OTC delegate often wants the boss contact with with storefront, urge their replenish onr's stock, handle all sorts of issues in storefront management at the same time, requirement storefront and company organize sales promotion activity together, chase after want payment for goods to wait a moment, these problems contain stronger uncertainty, need salesperson has stronger suiting ability and analytic judgement ability, this is the expression of efficiency sale. Mix to this kind model sell them to be in efficiency and efficiency respect, do not compare pure efficiency to sell, or efficiency sale wants complex, but when knot syncretic rises, often caused tremendous difficulty to choose person side, this makes no matter we choose taller record of formal schooling, the metropolis when the personnel that or is inferior record of formal schooling has equal mistake, be this this kind type to sell team most also is to mix model, namely the mixture body of taller record of formal schooling and inferior record of formal schooling.

On put together: Record of formal schooling is OK to the sale end is the following:

1. Record of formal schooling has bigger effect on the survival rate that to differring the type sells;

2. But with respect to a kind of type character, record of formal schooling is not the crucial factor that decides outstanding sale;

3. Record of formal schooling can serve as reference only, can not serve as decision-making basis.

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