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"The person of what record of formal schooling " suit to make a sale
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Under three-year institution of higher learning, or the sale of prep above undergraduate course, survival rate can be reduced substantially, classics statistic: In the sale of big client, the survival rate of the salesperson that high school graduates has 41% only, junior high school has 30% only, and as corresponding as this, the survival rate of the salesperson of master's degree has 20% only, and center in very narrow industry. The Chinese area of chemistry of American contented family name the sale of branch of an insulation material takes on by 2 Masters graduate, the client that they are aimed at is domestic number is not much rate construction project, they are direct report to foreign cadre, such sale is not seeing more in domestic company, similar such survival rate that sells them is extremely low.

Those who need ambitious shift is: The backside that record of formal schooling asks, what is what the enterprise needs after all, most enterprise thinks, tall record of formal schooling means higher capability, this kind of ability includes: The savvy, ability that solves a problem, operation ability is waited a moment. They think toughly: The personnel of tall record of formal schooling is OK and rapid begin, have better innovation capacity, can increase the integral battle capacity that sells a team quickly thereby. Undeniable, record of formal schooling can prove quality of a few foundations really, for instance: The thinking ability of acceptance, part, professional knowledge is waited a moment. But, those who sell attention is not how many what master knowledge, how many what use knowledge however, say the ability that ought to be study knowledge, application knowledge further. If a technical secondary school gives birth to the capacity that had study knowledge, application knowledge, so he makes an outstanding salesperson likely still. Look of course from the probability distribution of above, the personnel of tall record of formal schooling can master this one ability more it seems that.

Suit " efficiency " the record of formal schooling of the sale

Alleged efficiency sale is: Do not need too tall technology setting and sale skill, work for repeatability more, need is hard-working, for example: The shop guides buy, phone sale, straight sell personnel to wait a moment. Among the multitude that the level of optimal record of formal schooling of efficiency sale perhaps has the same educational level for the technical secondary school, survival rate is 60% above. As a result of efficiency model the sale works generally for repeatability, metabolic element is not very much, the service skill with relatively simple need basically can be competent, in the meantime, most efficiency sale is tradesman, environmental change is not big, the suiting that the requirement sells ability is very limited. Have again, efficiency sale does not need too much professional knowledge, although be high-tech product, want to be able to be clear about those who elaborate a product to sell a dot to be able to get used to a sale basically to work only.
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