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"The person of what record of formal schooling " suit to make a sale
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After the person that talked what age in us suits to make a sale, we discover, disparate industry, different sale type, asks age paragraph can have very big difference, and have certain regularity, but we never had been summed up seriously, this is pardonable we are choosing, when breeding a salesperson, be full of numerous uncertainty. Besides the age, still have the rigid factor with influential to the salesperson another, that is record of formal schooling. This element should compare the age when choosing a salesperson many complex, what kind of record of formal schooling suits to make a sale? It is taller better, lower still better? Whether to have restriction of record of formal schooling certainly? And what kind of effect does record of formal schooling have after all? Whether did we fall into disuse because of the limitation of record of formal schooling to comparative a batch of outstanding talents? Most now enterprise is put generally in the tendency of tall record of formal schooling in respect of choose and employ persons, this may not be a favour to certain business, what do we take a fancy to after all at the back of the requirement to record of formal schooling?

Suit " efficiency " the record of formal schooling of the sale

According to efficiency and efficiency model means classifies the salesperson, efficiency the salesperson's general record of formal schooling wants a few taller, alleged efficiency: Face more complex client type and sale process namely, the product needs stronger technical background to wait, for example: Big client is sold.

The efficiency demand that sells record of formal schooling the requirement as product technology content, and the client's decision-making complex degree and rise somewhat, but record of formal schooling is met high to certain level sale decrease, the course considers to discover, the tall hair record of formal schooling of eligible sale paragraph in level of three-year institution of higher learning, survival rate is as high as 70% , because,this basically is, the student that most three-year institution of higher learning graduates, often lack competitive advantage when be faced with a technology to choose, and other choice opportunities are not much, because this chooses a sale,the job became a relatively OK and patient profession. Students of these three-year institution of higher learning are general cost is inferior, more assiduous, accordingly, in suiting to expanding the civilian battalion business with rapidder rate very much, live. Compare with photograph of student of three-year institution of higher learning, the undergraduate's survival rate is 55% the left and right sides, far the student under three-year institution of higher learning, but they remain the main component in selling main forces. The undergraduate students sells occupational time in the choice, often be expedient, as the pressure of obtain employment population, a lot of students are forced to pursue the sale profession that he do not like. Accordingly, they reflect an insufficient stability, changeover job is very frequent, reach for what is beyond one's grasp, create a company when choosing graduate of this year's undergraduate course, very conservative, especially the undergraduate students to famous school is to dread somewhat more, but, anyway, among outstanding sale, the staff of undergraduate course record of formal schooling is very general still, need the industry of proper professional setting especially, be like: Project of medicine, spin, mechanical, software is waited a moment, the undergraduate students reflected stronger competitive dominant position.
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