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Of the enterprise groom where is the key?
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Current, chinese enterprise engages advisory company, the head outside have the aid of promotes his impetus that grows to already appeared to rise increasingly, this can say the one great progress that is society and enterprise. However, our country grooms industry market still is in development period, the respect such as market rule is very diseased, competition still is in a kind of condition that do not have foreword, especially domestic company is right groom value, groom the understanding with the respect proper lack such as the method, to grooming development had block up effect.

Is individual glamour still group efforts?

Compare with foreign photograph, at present of Chinese market groom fare is lower, and these money are individual of instructor be groominged by the enterprise earns mostly, the income that their salary may compare a CEO is even high. The main reason that causes this kind of appearance is: Everybody grooms groomed value system in now on the body of division, and those who overlooked a success grooming should be finished by a group jointly.

Of home a few groom the company often is this kind of state: Ask a teacher, go buying a book to make teaching material next in the bookshop, look for a classroom, finished groom, have a few without giving thought to at all paragraphic useful to the client, they are so right groom the dependence of instructor rate is very high. And groom professionally what the orgnaization gives a client is general it is groomed frame first, content meets what come out according to specific requirement of the client and feasibility condition formulate. Groom division just serves as a part that implement here, what they pay attention to is whole groom the cooperation of the group.

Is courses main or is flow important?

Neither one course suits all companies, quality of the actual condition that because course is,should be aimed at an enterprise, personnel of with company goal formulate. Same, the course that recommends abroad also not should repeat what the book says.

A lot of course of domestic are at present datedder, basically be the course of a few technicality, groomed course is lacked very much. With respect to home's at present faddish MBA course, the promotion that MBA course is in abroad basically is the quality capacity that is used at the individual, thoughtway grooms; But the enterprise grooms those who be aimed at is not an individual, however whole company, devote oneself to quality of industry group whole rise. Groom the system basically forms by 3 element: Groom course, groom flow of Shi Hepei example, and the most important is to groom flow. Through flow groom course and groom division undertakes conformity, pass the understanding of pair of client demand, the individuation that passes pair of course is custom-built, the effect after through be opposite course grooms is evaluated with dog, with achieving groomed the biggest effect.
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