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Professional fixed position: Fill the selection of wisdom
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Has your profession located? University of Shanghai foreign language external young lady of glad of graduate student king tells Chinese major gladly Rui Hong, she been goinging to work, be in charge of the design of product of company network education. The trade that pursues and oneself major is close together and relevant, and during he goes to school, want to do all the time and the item that the company makes at present cannot be developed. She tells Rui Hong gladly, the program that oneself come down two years is very clear, the job and life are very happy now.

And before half an year, wang Xin chooses for his profession and baffle unceasingly, hope Rui Hong helps his do the analysis of respect of professional fixed position. Her experience is very rich, in Hangzhou some foreign enterprise has done finance affairs, also be in company of Shanghai some foreign trade to had made trade, and take a diploma smoothly to realize dream of famous brand university, what graduate student place learns is language education however, so what to do after all after graduation, ability develops better, become the choice of a tall difficulty to inscribe.

In fact, same question is puzzling newlywed person of numerous duty field, wang Xin goes conciously the professional fixed position that reason ponders over him, had gone in front row of new personality of field of a lot of duty. New personality of most duty field never has considered his professional development even, be in " take a passive attitude towards one's work " condition. 80 hind generation takes duty field, a common phenomenon is: Find new job frequent, single share job exceeds the can be counted on one's fingers of half an year, many industries intervene in short time, seek the professional way that is less than oneself, oneself professional brand cannot be built in intercourse circle. So, be what is caused 80 hind duty field new personality such professional configuration? This need speaks of from higher education and duty field current situation.

The society confuses bureau and campus

Current whole China society is in boom change period, no matter be macroeconomic or company,know pattern knowingly, be in the period that see form. A lot of industries are undertaking in the irregular change of market environment the industry shuffles ceaselessly rebuild with order, traditional value sense falls in the concussion of system of western value concept by gradually disintegrate, new value system have not gets extensive self-identity and build again, the social youth majority of new generation lacks the support of devotional, belief, of life rhythm accelerate show stage by stage with what estate contradicts make social state of mind sheds Yu Fu impetuous. These not stable moods formed current and intricate duty field existing state of affairs. Should say, 80 generation develop below such duty field environment, the difficulty that its make accurate profession locate will be apparent prep above its father generation.
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