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Ability quality model: Let right person do right thing
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 The definition of ability quality model and structure

Ability quality model (Competencemodel) the knowledge that define and describe employee to finish the job to need to have namely with behavior means, skill, character and working ability, pass the description of the specific action of the definition of pair of disparate arrangement of ideas and corresponding administrative levels, the combination of affirmatory core ability and the competence that fulfil requirement of specific work place. These behavior and skill must be to be able to be measured, considerable examine, guidable, right the success of the individual performance of employee and enterprise produces crucial effect.

Ability quality model includes 3 kinds of faculty normally: Complete alignment of department of a core ability, office is current capacity, professional technical capability. Complete member core ability is to point to the working competency ability that applies to company faculty, it is the expression of company business culture, it is the to employee conduct requirement inside the company, reflect the company's established behavior pattern; Office department array is current ability is the skill that shows inside the enterprise a duty fastens many parts to need and ability, but important rate and perfectness degree differ somewhat; Professional technology capability points to the special skill of a certain specific role and working place need, normally the circumstance falls, professional technology capability is to be aimed at post to come mostly of set.

Build and implement the aim of ability quality model

Build and develop the core ability system of enterprise interior employee, its are final the purpose is to support the management of the enterprise to admit need.

Of management target reach one of ultimate goals that are an enterprise, any programs inside the enterprise and action should support this one goal. In the enterprise interior is built and model of development capacity quality is to help an enterprise find appropriate personnel to finish its manage an end, meanwhile, in-house personnel also gets an individual relevant ability develops and be fostered. The ability of personnel supports the management of the enterprise, the operation requirement staff of the enterprise grows ceaselessly. Both supplement each other, update ceaselessly. And the management of the enterprise develops a target, no matter be short-term or long-term goal, it is the golden rule that enterprise interior has staff capacity system develops from beginning to end.

The enterprise should form the core competition ability of oneself in the market, get for the enterprise compete continuously the advantage provides origin and basis, and the core competition ability that should realize an enterprise, employee must have corresponding core capacity. Accordingly, when building ability quality model, what must know whole industry above all is medium manage for a long time target and management strategy, from which the crucial competition advantage that we can analyse whole industry, namely: The enterprise is in the market position that the core competition ability of what respect can support an industry finally. The member that the crucial ability of the enterprise should rely on insider will achieve, this is the business integral demand to in-house personnel: What kind of personnel can live inside the enterprise and develop, and can support an industry live and develop.
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