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6 errors of clerk management
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A lot of agency say deal is tired now, do not happily, ask about a reason, market environment aggravation is on one hand, more important is much painstaking effort was spent on personnel administration, but the effect is very poor, using a word to generalize is " do not stay outstandingly, of tarry not outstanding " . Staff management is bad, mean nobody to helping his make money, agency employer wants tired heart of course. The author discovers through covering a lot of agency, provide bad employee, the problem basically goes to go up in boss body, baconian rise, in running a course, the administrative error that bosses often are immersed in basically includes the following 6 respects.

Error one: "Bestow favor on " clerk

[case] Liaoning battalion mouth has the business becomes piece of director not greatly, at hand has 3 clerks. Piece the channel that the director leaves basically is big current, the clerk needs everyday downward deliver goods. To stimulate the clerk's initiative, piece the manager is to grant whatever is requested almost to the clerk, do even some " exceed what is proper " . Have for instance a clerk and piece the director says: "Boss, I see a more good-looking chatelaine today " , piece the director says immediately " a chatelaine, mere trifle, I am bought to you " . Besides, piece the manager often is taking a clerk to have a meal to the outside; See a clerk in the evening deliver goods come back very late, piece the manager also cannot bear the heart stays the clerk one case goods of check the amount. But this pains, did not change a clerk " sign up for with outstanding achievement photograph " , the opportunity that instead a clerk uses piece of manager not to order money steals money. This invites piece of manager is furious very: It is enough to him clerk " bestow favor on " , saying hyperbole point is to want " for " rose, but why doesn't the clerk work?

[analysis] China has an adage to cry " kind does not lead troops " , means is too beneficent, do not suit to guide a soldier to fight. We say incentive employee is necessary, thing of in every case has degree, incentive and excessive did not have drive namely instead. Piece the practice of the manager, let a clerk regard drive as a kind " habit " . This kind of method is just like a leader, now and then once to invigorate morale, ask subordinate to have a meal, but this kind of accidental behavior was become inevitable, some day leader was not asked suddenly, subordinate people can say " the leader did not have a meal please today, too insufficient meaning " . This lost prompt action necessarily, say from this angle, piece the management of the manager is optional, also can saying is to did not manage.

[judge quickly] " bestow favor on " the clerk is actual be " kill " clerk, because of keep on good terms with everyone at the expense of principle, the result that create often is to did not compete, without outstanding achievement, final authority did not rise, eat without the meal.
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