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12 technical ability that middle-level leader should have
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An acceptable middle-level leader most at least should have 12 technical ability.

From the point of leader oneself, middle-level and basic level leader dare not face conflict, dare not face a problem to undertake settlement. What is communication result? Why dare be faced? Because lack self-confidence,be, because lack the technical ability that leader place must have,be. The leader of a middle-level most at least should have 12 technical ability.

The key of decision-making management business management depends on managing, management focal point depends on decision-making. In the course that in the enterprise production runs, existence needs decision-making issue in great quantities, decision-making analysis is leaders of all levels person basic technical ability. Decision-making can make the enterprise advances along right way correctly, obtain good economic benefits; Decision-making error can bring huge loss to the enterprise, bring about even go bankrupt.

Time idea uses time effectively, can improve work efficiency. How a the most significant time, put on the decisive cause that can create leader performance most and task, this is the skill of an outbalance that leader of a middle-level should have.

The skill leader itself of accredit is finishing the job that he wants to do through others namely, how should go so accredit? Defining an effective administrative scope is very important. Alleged government range, it is the amount that shows a leader can head inferior staff directly. Because the experience of various administrator, knowledge, ability is limited, when undertaking powers and authorities of office differentiates accordingly, need fibrous root seizes the property of different post, manage range certainly, undertake with making sure those who supervise the work is effective.

No matter communication skill catchs up with class, colleague, subordinate gets along, still get along with client, supplier, need the kind of agile communication. Can say to communicate affected human relation greatly, affect the leader's performance, mastering communication skill so is very important.

The makes pair of companies progress of end of the distant view target of company of management by objectives, year program, quarter is crucial. Much business is so called management by objectives is to doing target government actually, because they pay close attention to sale and profit only, and oversight personnel administration, the culture of oversight enterprise is waited a moment, this is not the means of management by objectives on real significance.

Performance evaluates performance is the behavior show that attends in working station to employee is measured, the process of analysis, evaluation, in order to form the ways of the world of objective justice decision-making. The working job of employee was finished, does the leader want what to kind ofly be approbated to him? Working job was not finished, what kind of penalty should the leader give him? This is the kind that performance assesses.
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