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What is the essence of crisis of medium and small businesses
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Sending canorous to ask monetary policy becomes loose more in order to alleviate in the cry of crisis of medium and small businesses, about management the layer keeps relatively rational " cold blood manner " it is necessary.

Somebody can ask, if can use financing give sb a shot in the arm to resolve the crisis of medium and small businesses that instantly grows in intensity, so relax constrictive monetary policy why so difficult?

The problem depends on, such doing is unworkable, the contradiction that alleviates temporarily gives probably bury next bigger hidden trouble in the future.

Because present all about medium and small businesses problems that give at present cause of formation is complex, be different from completely before, not be absolutely it is OK to be inputted with capital get sth done once and for ever tries to solve.

We see, at the beginning of this year since, the long triangle that is in Chinese economy to develop front, bead trigonometry has medium and small businesses to close down repeatedly, the boss coils the money goes the person's thing to happen; Meanwhile, inland area is immersed in management difficulty, step forward the medium and small businesses of dimension difficult also is absent a few. "Resolve crisis of medium and small businesses " cry is ceaseless, and public opinion thinks generally, financing difficult problem is the crucial point of all problems, somebody suggests to shake monetary policy even, to give the wrongdoer a way out of medium and small businesses.

So, medium and small businesses is today's problem financing merely difficult? The author looks, it is the overlay of multiple crisis, be a kind of history more is inevitable, any seemingly positive interpose step bring about probably the negative effect that cannot expect, take advantage of an opportunity and for, flowing cutting ability is the path that dissolves the crisis stage by stage.

Only then the crisis of medium and small businesses from the beginning of the year, it is global economy enters orbital of be issued to lower levels to reflect above all. Newest investigation makes clear, the whole world system of 5 old economy, 4 already entered decline cycle. Accordingly, pure from demand angle character, of overseas market fatigued and weak glide in great quantities in what created order in fact, if say big company,still actual strength can be maintained live. The medium and small businesses that those in small gain space struggling cannot keep out such harassing attack at all, this is one.

Next, below the big setting that enters decline cycle in global economy, global inflation also loot a burning house, "Sluggish bilges " let people can't bear its faze: The report that Magenshidanli publishs recently makes clear, be in 190 to be investigated in the country, have 50 inflation that are as high as two digit in experience.
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