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Strengthen group consciousness, pay attention to plane to communicate

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Have been to the person of temple to know, take temple door, it is Maitreya Buddha above all, smiling face greets a visitor, and in in him, it is the Wei Tuo of black mouth black face. But according to legend is in a long time ago, they are absent same in temple, part however the temple with different administer. Maitreya Buddha enthusiasm is happy, comer is very so much, but his whats do not care, lose 3 pull 4, not well administrative Zhang Wu, still enter so not apply goes out. And although Wei Tuo is in charge of Zhang it is an ace, but shade of all day long is worn a face, too too earnest, do the person is lesser and lesser, final burning incense is broken off. Budda discovered this problem when checking burning incense, them two put in same in temple, be in charge of public relations by Maitreya Buddha, laugh greet all directions guest, burning joss stick is then big flourishing. And Wei Tuo impartial and incorruptible, bead of an ancient unit of weight needs relatively, make him responsible and financial, guard a pass strictly. In two people in cooperating with division of labour, flourishing picture is sent in temple. It is actually in the eye of Great Master of choose and employ persons, without disabled person, ace of gest of no less than, do not need rare sword, defloration flying leaf can injure a person, the key looks how to be applied.

This is a conte that builds an aspect about the group, everybody is taken to carry before attend a meeting life-giving, it is slow nervous conference atmosphere, 2 it is to introduce the subject that should discuss today.

   Group construction is old novel topic, because be hit oneself,saying it is old is the mankind existed to have a group this concept, begin from the primitive tribe that is to say, group construction is an important matter that people pays close attention to doubly all the time; Say it is novel, because group construction is to be placed in the country from beginning to end,be, place in the nation, major task that is placed before each organization and enterprise, face the economic situation of change quickly, those who face international to blend is frequent with each passing day, convenient with development, one day suddenly we discover, we did not follow to go up, then we begin to think over, such old and novel topic.

Here, a picture appears clearly before in me, a day was November 2007 then, company just right was in that day fete investor of a strategy, each much that be present is attendant, wine crosses 3 make one's rounds, dish crosses the five flavors, among them the boy with a very beautiful name calls Li Shuai, beijing University graduates, he is consulted to president, annulus gets the better of a company to be able to be obtained below the market environment with so intense competition today such achievement, where is its core competition advantage after all? President appreciably brooded say, the key depends on us this group, annulus is gotten the better of have a good group, this group is in tens of year very the tacit agreement that height formed in collective struggling course, powerful centripetal force and cohesive affinity. Still have of course other, I am here to be described one by one no longer. But leave very deep impressional to a moment ago spoke namely to me: Annulus is gotten the better of have a good group, this group is in tens of year very the tacit agreement that height formed in collective struggling course, powerful centripetal force and cohesive affinity. I touched a long time for this word, sturdy also the confidence that I join in annulus is gotten the better of, also make me set foot on annulus to get the better of poineering journey 2 times. Enter a company when me, in understanding annulus is gotten the better of, study annulus is gotten the better of, in blending in the process that annulus gets the better of, I experience further and experienced this kind of good convention, so, when us every obtain a few achievement and progress when, even if be little achievement only, even if be little progress only, I feel to should be thankful at the company this is planted outstanding culture and good group spirit. We want to do now, we should do now, go down inheritance of spirit of this kind of group namely, carry forward it, the range that lets it is wider, the influence is more profound.

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